Han Hyo-joo X Park Hyung-sik X Jo Woo-jin, the acting potential of the script reading scene

‘Happiness’ Han Hyo-joo X Park Hyung-sik X Jo Woo-jin, script reading unveiled

‘Happiness’ heralded the birth of an urban thriller that will make a new mark in the genre.

On the 17th, tvN’s new drama ‘Happiness’, which will be aired for the first time in November, unveiled the scene of the script reading that was full of enthusiasm.

‘Happiness’ is an urban thriller that depicts the lives of those isolated in an apartment, a miniature version of a hierarchical society, set in the near future. The cracks and fears that develop when high-rise apartments in a large city where various groups of people live are sealed off with a new infectious disease, and the struggle for survival and psychological warfare are carefully drawn.

The meeting of the hit maker crew raises expectations for the birth of a different level of apocalypse. Director Ahn Gil-ho, who showed the power of detailed directing regardless of genre, such as ‘Record of Youth’, ‘WATCHER’, ‘Memories of the Alhambra’ and ‘Secret Forest’, and writer Han Sang-woon who wrote ‘WATCHER’ ​​and ‘The Good Wife’ has concurred. Expectations are high what kind of sensation the dream team that reunited after ‘WATCHER’, which raised the psychological thriller genre to a new level, will cause another sensation.

In the script reading that took place on this day, director Ahn Gil-ho and writer Han Sang-woon, as well as Han Hyo-joo , Park Hyung-sik, Jo Woo-jin, Lee Jun-hyeok, Park Joo-hee, Baek Hyeon-jin, Park Hyeong-soo, Bae Hae-seon, and Cha  Soon-bae gathered together and performed passionately. The synergy of the actors who realistically portrayed the realistic fear of having to doubt and be wary of each other in an extreme situation where daily life collapses and existing values ​​are shaken, heated up expectations.

director Ahn Gil-ho and writer Han Sang-woon, as well as Han Hyo-joo , Park Hyung-sik, Jo Woo-jin, Lee Jun-hyeok

Han Hyo-joo, who returned with a girl crush, led the drama by perfectly immersing herself in the police commando ace ‘Yoon Sae-bom’, who has quick situational judgment and determination. Han Hyo-joo overwhelms the crowd by freely changing the ferocious Yoon Sae-bom. Yoon Sae-bom’s bold charms, who are bold and skillful in resolving crises like an activist with a straight-forward instinct, met with Han Hyo-joo and shined even more.

Park Hyung-sik took on the role of ‘Jung Yi-hyeon’, a clever and honest detective in the violent crime squad, and started acting transformation. Armed with a strong sense of duty, Jeong Yi-hyun is a Born2B police officer. A character who moves for the common good even at the expense of himself and fights endless crises to protect himself and Saebom. Park Hyung-sik doubled the charm of Jung Yi-hyun, who was soft and strong, and added immersion. In particular, he delicately and lovingly unraveled his warm heart towards high school classmate Yoon Sae-bom, adding to the excitement.

Actor Jo Woo-jin’s performance was also outstanding. He adjusted the tension by amplifying the cool charisma of Lieutenant Colonel Han Tae-seok, who belongs to the Medical Command, who holds the ‘key’ to the epidemic. Han Tae-seok is on a secret mission to uncover the cause of a new infectious disease. Jo Woo-jin unraveled Han Tae-seok, who concealed his inner feelings, in a more three-dimensional manner by adding details to even the slightest emotion and breath.

Another point of observation is the diverse appearance of the group of humans who fight fiercely to survive in a place infested with unknown infectious diseases and desires, or to protect precious things. The synergy of the acting masters who maximized the realistic horror was perfect from the first script reading. Lee Jun-hyeok, a master of clever acting, took on the role of ‘Kim Jung-guk’, a police officer senior of Jeong Yi-hyun and a gangster detective who had a special relationship with him. Park Joo-hee hard-carried as Han Tae-seok’s right-hand man, ‘Lee Ji-su’, a lieutenant belonging to the Medical Command with keen insight.

In addition, it is interesting to see the faces of the residents of new apartments who are embroiled in the new infectious disease. Baek Hyun-jin, who played the trouble maker doctor ‘Oh Joo-hyung’, bumped into Jeong Yi-hyun in every case and made the tension chewy.

Park Hyung-soo took on the role of ‘Kook Hae-seong’, a lawyer in charge of legal advice for blocked apartments. Hae-sun Bae and Soon-bae Cha, who are working together as a married couple, gave off a powerful presence by breaking down into ‘Oh Yeon-ok’, who aims for the representative of apartment tenants, and ‘Seon-woo-chang’, the pastor’s husband.

Park Hee-bon and Na Cheol played the roles of romance web novel writer ‘Na Hyun-kyung’ and her brother ‘Na Su-min’, respectively, and Han Jun-woo transformed into ‘Kim Se-hoon’, a wealthy white man living in a penthouse, and played a great role as a new stealer.

Here, Hong Soon-chang and Lee Shi-sil added weight to the decomposition of the elderly couple ‘Kim Hak-je’ and ‘Ji Seong-sil’. Kim Young-woong and Lee Ji-ha played the roles of ‘Go Se-gyu’ and ‘Ji Moon-hee’, who run a cleaning company outside the apartment, and Lee Joo-seung as ‘Andrew’, a mysterious employee of the cleaning company run by them, increased tension.

Jung Woon-sun played Shin So-yoon, a lawyer’s husband’s secretary, Moon Ye-won played Woo Sang-hee, the head of a dermatology department, and Kang Han-sam played a kangaroo tribe ‘Kim Dong-hyun’.

More than expected synergy from Ha na sol as ‘Lee Boram’, who works at a supermarket to pay for tuition, Joo Jong-hyuk as ‘Kim Seung-beom’, a health trainer in a convenient facility for apartment residents, and Song Ji-woo as ‘Park Seo-yoon’, a kid who lives in front of Han Sae-bom and Jeong Yi-hyun. and improved the perfection.

The production team of ‘Happiness’ said, “‘Happiness’ depicts human desires and discrimination between classes in an apartment where people with various personalities and desires live together. As the emotional variation of each character is important, the synergy of the actors is the most important work. Details The acting of other actors portrayed the realistic horror of the current state more realistically,” he said.

Meanwhile, ‘Happiness’ will be aired for the first time on tvN and TV in November.

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