'Goo Kyung-yi' Lee Young-ae, bombshell hair + twisted outfit

‘Goo Kyung-yi’ Lee Young-ae, bombshell hair + twisted outfit

‘Goo Kyung-yi’ Lee Young-ae’s unprecedented transformation is unfolding.

JTBC’s new Saturday and Sunday drama, ‘Goo Kyung-yi’, which is a work that has gathered a lot of attention due to the casting news of actress Lee Young-ae, who is returning to the small screen after 4 years.

In particular, it is because of Lee Young-ae’s acting transformation that prospective viewers pay attention to ‘Goo-gyeong-yi’. In the first teaser video released earlier, Lee Young-ae received a lot of attention for her appearance that broke everyone’s expectations. Lee Young-ae, who threw off her elegant and beautiful image, made a surprise appearance with the phrase ‘I’m not crazy’, amplifying the curiosity and anticipation of the character.

In the midst of this, on the 24th, the production team of ‘Goo Kyung-yi’ released a still cut of Lee Young-ae, giving strength to the unprecedented character appearance.

In the photo released on this day, Lee Young-ae robs her eyes with her sparse hair visual that looks like she’s been hit by a bomb. The unbalanced fashion wearing a t-shirt stretched over the colorful pajamas pants and a black trench coat makes people curious about the outing of the ‘something suspicious’. Goo Kyung-yi is walking without paying any attention to how she looks.

However, Lee Young-ae’s shining eyes even in the twisted appearance adds an extraordinary aura to the character. In the drama, Goo Kyung-yi, whose world is all about games and alcohol, comes out of the corner of the room for a while after an incident. Lee Young-ae raised the public’s curiosity by embodying the appearance of Goo Kyung-yi, a ‘doubtful person in the corner of the room’ that came out in reality with an unconventional visual. For the sake of the character Goo Kyung-yi alone, she showed an immortal transformation. Lee Young-ae’s transformation, who returned wearing comical clothes, is also pouring out reactions from the public that it is fresh.

The production team of ‘Goo Kyung-yi’ said, “Actress Lee Young-ae has already shown a synchronized appearance with Goo Kyung-yi from the first filming. After returning to the small screen after a long time, the enthusiasm for new character transformation is great. She showed admiration at the scene by showing her passion for studying the script tenaciously.”

You can check out Lee Young-ae’s transformation in ‘Goo Kyung-yi’, which will be aired for the first time in October.

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