Kwon Yu-ri is confirmed to appear in the independent film 'Dolphin'

Girls’ Generation’s Kwon Yu-ri, screen comeback with independent movie ‘Dolphin’

Kwon Yu-ri is confirmed to appear in the independent film ‘Dolphin’ (screenplay, director Bae Doo-ri), which tells the story of ‘Na-young’, a village keeper who knew only her family, who fell in love with bowling and went all-in.

‘Na-young’, played by Kwon Yu-ri, is a local news reporter who was born in a small village and never left the area, and lives with the pleasure of taking good care of her family and villagers.

In particular, Kwon Yu-ri is expected to portray the process of Na-young, who was afraid of change, learning bowling and opening the door of her heart and gaining hope through realistic acting.

Kwon Yu-ri has accumulated filmography by appearing in various dramas and movies until now. In the recently ended MBN drama ‘Bossam: Steal the Fate, she took on the role of Princess Soo-kyung, who received a hot response by leading the channel’s highest viewership record with her stable acting skills.

As such, attention is already focused on how Kwon Yu-ri, who has chosen the independent film ‘Dolphin’ as her next film, will elicit the emotions and sympathy of the audience.

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