Jo Yeo-jeong ('High Class') Kdrama (하이클래스)

Expressing strong hostility towards Jo Yeo-jeong (‘High Class’)

Kim Ji-soo X Gong Hyeon-joo, expressing strong hostility towards Jo Yeo-jeong (‘High Class’)… Foreshadowing of a breathtaking confrontation.

The 4th teaser video of tvN’s ‘High Class’ has been released. The confrontation over the secret faces of Jo Yeo-jeong, Kim Ji-soo, and Gong Hyeon-joo on an isolated island is foretold, creating tension.

tvN’s new Monday-Tuesday drama ‘High Class’, which is scheduled to be broadcasted for the first time on September 6th (Mon), is a mystery of sexual violence that takes place at a luxurious international school located on a paradise island. Director Choi Byung-gil, who has been recognized for his sophisticated directing skills in dramas ‘East of Eden’, ‘Angry Mom’, and ‘Missing Nine’ for the lead role, is raising expectations by grabbing a megaphone.

Expressing strong hostility towards Jo Yeo-jeong ('High Class')

Jo Yeo-jeong takes on the role of Song Yeo-wool, a former lawyer who became an ugly duckling among mothers of international school. Along with this, Kim Ji-soo will play the role of ‘Nam Ji-seon’, a mother-in-law who controls public opinion at international schools, and Gong Hyeon-joo will play the role of ‘Cha Do-yeong’, a top actress who is a crystallization of honest vanity and selfishness.

Meanwhile, the 4th teaser video of ‘High Class’ was released on the 20th (Fri), raising interest. The released teaser video starts with Song Yeo-wool, who is at the center of the topic as malicious rumors spread among international school mothers, and the voice of someone who calls her a “murderer”, raising the tension. Then, a confrontation between the mothers, led by Song Yeo-ul, Nam Ji-sun, and Cha Do-young, is drawing attention. In particular, the contrast between the mothers who reject Song Yeo-wool and build friendships by saying, “I am a single lawyer who has lost the cord, what can I do alone?”

After that, Song Yeo-ul draws a sword of counterattack, and a breathtaking confrontation begins, causing him to swallow dry saliva. “I’d like to keep it quiet, but it won’t happen. With Song Yeo-ul’s strong declaration of war, “It will be very fun just by spreading rumors,” Cha Do-yeong, who caught her secret moment, and Nam Ji-sun, who showed her furious anger, continued to amplify the tension. Moreover, the copy of ‘Lonely women on isolated islands, their perfect naked faces’ and the conversation between Nam Ji-sun and Cha Do-young, who want to drive Song Yeo-ul out, raise the curiosity about their hidden faces.

Above all, at the end of the video, Song Yeo-wool said, “No matter what happens, I can’t go out. No, I will never go out.” Interest in the confrontation and conflict between these women is rising vertically as to what is the secret hidden in the bare faces of the perfect women.

Meanwhile, ‘High Class’ is scheduled to premiere on Monday, September 6th at 10:30 PM.

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