Choi Jin-hyuk confirmed to appear in 'Siren'... Sweat-inducing 'SF thriller'

Choi Jin-hyuk confirmed to appear in ‘Siren’… Sweat-inducing ‘SF thriller’

Park Seong-yeon X Jo Dal-hwan X Koo Ja-sung X Choi Jin-hyuk confirmed to appear in ‘Siren’… Sweat-inducing ‘SF thriller’

‘Siren’ of ‘UHD KBS Drama Special 2021-TV Cinema’, which is scheduled to be broadcasted for the first time in October, is the last of four cinema projects attempted by KBS for the first time. It is expected to attract attention.

TV Cinema ‘Siren’ is a sci-fi mystery thriller drama that deals with the shocking truth that is revealed as a snobbish office worker who descends to his successor after the suicide of an employee of ‘Notic Wave’, a virtual facility that deals with noise pollution, digs up the suspicions surrounding the village and the company. It is said that the secrets of the mysterious town are revealed one by one, providing exciting fun. In particular, Choi Jin-hyuk, Park Seong-yeon, Jo Dal-hwan, and Koo Ja-seong are said to lead the play in harmony, stimulating curiosity.

Choi Jin-hyeok takes on the role of Choi Tae-seung, a ‘Notic Wave’ employee who is reluctant to do anything for success. How will he immersely express the psychological change of Choi Tae-seung, who has faced the shocking truth in his daily life, who has performed in a number of works that cross genres such as ‘Zombie Detective’, ‘Rugal’, ‘Justice’, and ‘The Empress’s Dignity’ expectations are gathering

Park Seong-yeon, who plays Choi Tae-seung’s direct boss, Seo Hye-sun, team leader, completes a three-dimensional character with cool charisma hidden behind a puny exterior. Boasting her unrivaled aura in movies ‘Diva’, ‘Kim Ji-young Born in 1982’, dramas ‘Mine’, and ‘Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol’, she is attracting attention as she solidifies her presence with her bold acting skills through ‘Siren’.

Jo Dal-hwan takes on the role of Oh Dong-min, who holds the key to the mysterious case surrounding ‘Notic Wave’. He has proven the power of a ‘trustworthy actor’ by emitting a variety of charms and taking control of the screen, the CRT, and the stage, and is expected to create tension that suffocates the breath with his seasoned performance.

Finally, Koo Ja-seong transforms into Park Dong-gyu, the president of Dong-gyu Farm. Koo Ja-seong draws the secret inside of Park Dong-gyu with his deep eyes and detailed emotional expression. He raises the question of how he will lead the development of a mysterious play by entangled with Choi Tae-seung (Choi Jin-hyuk), whom he met in the village.

In this way, TV Cinema ‘Siren’ makes viewers look forward to the main broadcast with a breathtaking story that cannot take their eyes off and the meeting of actors who believe and watch.

On the other hand, ‘UHD KBS Drama Special 2021’ will be broadcast first on KBS 2TV in October, and TV cinema ‘Siren’ will be aired in November. It can also be previewed two weeks in advance on online video service platforms wavve and Btv.

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