an online press conference for the movie 'Miracle'.

An online press for the movie ‘Miracle’ Park Jung-min x Lim Yoon-ah

Actors Park Jung-min, Lee Seong-min, Lim Yoon-ah, Lee Soo-kyung and director Lee Jang-hoon attended an online press conference for the movie ‘Miracle’ was held at 11 am on the 1st.

‘Miracle’ is a movie about the story of Jun-kyung (Park Jung-min) and the people of the neighborhood, whose only goal in life is to create a simple station in a village where there is no train station, although the only way to get there is by train.

‘Miracle’, which stimulates curiosity with the setting of ‘a village with train tracks but no train station’, is a story created by adding cinematic imagination to the motif of the first privately owned station ‘Yangwon Station’, which was created by the villagers in 1988.

In the movie, Jun-kyung tries to build a train station to protect the villagers who have no choice but to travel by rail despite the dangerous situation of not knowing when the train will come. He is a four-dimensional student who challenges the Presidential Cup Math Contest in order to send a written letter to the Blue House and ask the president directly. His relationship with his friend, Rahee (Yoona), who recognizes and actively leads Junkyung’s extraordinary qualities, evokes delightful laughter from beginning to end with her unspoiled innocence and outrageous absurdity.

Here, the story of each character is revealed one by one, from the father ‘Tae-yoon’, who is just frustrated by his son, to ‘Bo-kyung’ (Lee Soo-kyung), the older sister who understands his father’s heart and is a strong support for his younger brother to offer.

Director Lee Jang-hoon said, “I got a lot of questions about how to balance humor and emotion, true story and fantasy, the fact that there are a lot of actors, and the relationship between the characters. I didn’t think much about it. “This is the story of this. The audience immersed in Junkyung’s feelings and focused on following him. I didn’t try to adjust the balance in particular. I thought more about how to have fun following him.”

Park Jung-min played the role of Jun-kyung

Park Jung-min played the role of Jun-kyung, a four-dimensional mathematician whose only life goal is the train station. He said, “It’s a scenario that shed a lot of tears. The first time I read it, I cried. I was worried and then I read it again and I cried again, so I decided to do it.”

“The situation and circumstances are different, but everyone lives with a dream. There are obstacles, so I became more sympathetic. That is how I gave my heart to the character of Jun-kyung, and I decided that I should act with empathy for him.”

Lee Seong-min takes on the role of Tae-yoon

Lee Seong-min takes on the role of Tae-yoon, the father of a blunt principled engineer. He said, “The place where the film was set was my hometown. It was also the place I lived when I dreamed of becoming an actor. I thought I had to do it like fate,” he laughed.

Lee Sung-min said, “I would have done whatever role was given to me in this movie. Rather than choosing me, I thought that I should play a character that was like a blessing that was given to me.”

Lim Yoon-ah tried a different transformation into the self-proclaimed muse Ra-hee

Lim Yoon-ah tried a different transformation into the self-proclaimed muse Ra-hee, a self-proclaimed activist. She said, “The character Rahee was also attractive and good, but the scenario touched my heart. As soon as I read the scenario, I was convinced that I had to do it right away.

Next, Lim Yoon-a said, “Rahee is very lovely, pure, cute, and confident. Rather than studying and preparing for acting, I tried to express the thought I felt the first time.”

Lee Soo-kyung presents a reversal of decomposition as Bo-kyung

Lee Soo-kyung presents a reversal of decomposition as Bo-kyung, a tsundere older sister who is like a friend. She said, “I also enjoyed reading the screenplay. I was in the position of auditioning, but I worked really hard because I wanted to pass.” She said, “It’s a style that doesn’t shed a lot of tears, but I was scolded because I wanted to meet the director’s request. I wanted to do that.” She added, “I wanted to do more because I thought I could show a different side of me from the various roles I had previously done.”

Trailer for 'Miracle' starring Park Jung-min... Fresh story + warm sympathy

In ‘Miracle’, the beautiful and pure romance between Park Jung-min and Lim Yoon-a is also a highlight. Park Jung-min said, “I want to say thank you for this position. I filmed a lot with Yoona at the beginning of filming, and I was very grateful that she played a big role in helping me adapt to the filming set.”

Then, Park Jung-min said, “I’ve always been a fan. I know the fans who like me, but I was a huge fan of Girls’ Generation.” “It was like a dream to be together. I wanted to say thank you.”

Lim Yoon-ah also said, “I was friendly with Park Jung-min from the first time I met him. He treated me friendly from the beginning, so I was able to shoot comfortably.”

“In the beginning, there were a lot of scenes with ‘Jun-kyung’ and ‘Ra-hee’, so I thought that breathing was important. Maybe it’s because we have something in common, we went through a period of adaptation together, and we were able to get along comfortably while filming. I think I really liked Tiki Taka.”

Park Jung-min also shared a secret story about playing the role of a high school student. He said, “There is a story I first told the director. When I was selecting my classmates, I asked them not to recruit real high school students.”

He said, “In the scene of the inquiry, there was an old-looking person in the front. I know that he was actually older. Good luck. He said, “I asked the people who took the student roles to match my age and watch the movie.

In response, director Lee said, “The day I first met actor Park Jung-min, he came to say no. The script was very good, but he said that he had a lot of pressure on his age. He had already promised not to play the role of a high school student in a previous work. If there are people who have bad feelings about playing a high school student, I didn’t want to play a real high school student. I was forced to do it because of me.”

Lim Yoona laughed, saying, “I didn’t do a lot of acting in high school, so I was rather happy. Because it’s a character from a different era, I didn’t feel burdened because there were elements that could help with costumes, props, etc.”

Director Lee said, “On the first day of filming, I watched actor Lee Seong-min act in the sunlight. I saw the close-up on the monitor and his eyes were so clear. I wondered how he had eyes like that at that age. From then on, whenever actor Lee Seong-min acted, he said, ‘I don’t think you need to do anything.’

In this film set in Gyeongsangbuk-do, the actors’ dialect performances are impressive.

Even though it was her first time acting in a dialect, Yoona perfectly digested it to the point of admiring it. Park Jung-min said, “Lee Seong-min always praised Yoona for acting in her dialect. Yoona said that when she was young, she was greatly influenced by her grandfather and grandmother who lived in the area close to the background of the movie.

Director Lee said, “It’s funnier than I thought. If you compare it to food, it’s like, ‘Oh, it’s obvious. I’ve tried it, but what is this?” You will have a little bit of a thought. Please do not anticipate in advance. There is a reversal. You will feel better when you leave the theater than when you enter the theater. This world will look beautiful. ”

Lee Seong-min said, “I watched the movie through the current affairs, and without realizing it, there were twitching facial muscles, painful emotions, and tears. If you watch the movie, you will experience that kind of miracle. “

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