Ahn Sung-ki X Seo Hyun-jin's Breathing 'Cassiopeia', crank-in on September 9th

Ahn Sung-ki X Seo Hyun-jin’s ‘Cassiopeia’, crank-in on September 9th

The movie ‘Cassiopeia’, starring Ahn Sung-ki and Seo Hyun-jin, was cranked in on September 9th

‘Cassiopeia’, which is attracting attention for the most perfect and beautiful meeting of national actor Ahn Sung-ki, irreplaceable actor Seo Hyun-jin and director Shin Yeon-sik, has started filming.

‘Cassiopeia’ is a work depicting the pain of Su-jin, who is trying to live a perfect life as a lawyer, mother, and daughter, and In-woo, a loving father, who suddenly finds themselves in the middle of their lives.

Actor Ahn Sung-ki, who doesn’t need words, plays the role of ‘In-woo’ in ‘Cassiopeia’ and works with Seo Hyun-jin as a daughter. Ahn Sung-ki and Seo Hyun-jin double the expectations for the acting synergy of the new and old representative luxury actors who believe that they are meeting for the first time through ‘Cassiopeia’.

After ‘Another Oh Hae-Young’, ‘Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim’, ‘Temperature of Love’, ‘Beauty Inside’, ‘Black Dog’, and the recently aired ‘You Are My Spring’, Seo Hyun-jin will return to the screen after a long time through ‘Cassiopeia’. Seo Hyun-jin takes on the role of ‘Soo-jin’, a lawyer who builds up a successful career in ‘Cassiopeia’, and will show a warm mother-daughter chemistry with Ahn Sung-ki and affectionate daughter-in-law Joo Ye-rim, who appears as a daughter, raise expectations ‘

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