Ahn Hyo-seop vs Gong Myung, two men between Kim Yoo-jung, 3rd teaser released ('Lovers Of The Red Sky')

Ahn Hyo-seop vs Gong Myung, two men between Kim Yoo-jung

‘Lovers Of The Red Sky’ Ahn Hyo-seop vs Gong Myung, two men between Kim Yoo-jung’s heart-fluttering triangular romance unfolds.

SBS’s new Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Lovers Of The Red Sky’, which will be aired for the first time on the 30th, is drawing a lot of attention by releasing the 3rd teaser. In the previous teaser video, there was a mysterious relationship between Hong Cheon-ki (Kim Yoo-jeong), a female painter with divine power, and Haram (Ahn Hyo-seop), a red-eyed man who reads the constellations in the sky. Gong Myung appeared and raised the tension of the triangular romance.

The teaser video starts with the appearance of Haram and Hong Chun-ki facing each other in the kiln. Hong Chun-ki is fascinated by Haram’s beautiful red eyes and confesses, “Your eyes are pretty.” Haram keeps in mind Hong Cheon-gi, which others call ‘water monster’ and says that his eyes are pretty.

Hong Cheon-ki, who falls in love with Haram at first sight, and Haram’s appearance when he sees her provokes excitement. The meeting between Hong Chun-ki and Yang Myeong-gun draws attention with the opposite atmosphere. Grand Admiral Yang Myeong poses in a nice pose and introduces himself by saying, “I am Yang Myung, the commander of this country.”

However, Hong Chun-ki bursts into laughter at Dae-gun’s old attire, which does not match the dignified introduction. Yang Myung-gun looks curiously at Hong Chun-ki, who treats him like a fool, and makes them curious about their pleasant first meeting.

Next, the rivalry between Haram and Yangmyeong Daegun, with the Hongcheon flag between them, unfolds. Daegun Yangmyeong carrying the Hongcheon flag on his back in the pouring rain. Hong Chun-ki says, “How can you be so kind to me?” And Haram appears in front of the two friendly-looking people, heightening the interest. Finally, with Haram saying, “I made a pact with me first,” the three people’s fluttering yet tense triangular romance is foretold.

The 3rd teaser video for ‘Lovers Of The Red Sky’ is already raising expectations by foretelling chemistry. The passionate chemistry between Haram and Hong Chun-ki, who are intertwined by fate, and the fresh chemistry between Hong Cheon-gi and Yang Myung-gi. Whichever way you look at it, the audience is excited. In particular, Dae-gun Yang, who appeared in the 3rd teaser, foreshadowed his activity by showing his witty charm and his friendly side towards Hong Chun-gi. The triangular romance in ‘Lovers Of The Red Sky’, which includes Yang Myungdaegun, annoys viewers and makes the expectations for the first broadcast soar.

Meanwhile, ‘Lovers Of The Red Sky’ is a dramatization of the bestselling novel of the same name by Jung Eun-gwol, the author of ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ and ‘The Moon Embracing the Sun’. Director Jang Tae-yu, who showed sensuous visual beauty in ‘My Love from the Star’, ‘Deep-rooted Tree’, and ‘Painter of the Wind’, and writer Ha Eun, who co-wrote ‘Melo Is My Nature’, will take on the script and foretell a new synergy. The first broadcast will be on Monday, the 30th at 10 PM.

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