Actress Park Ji-hyun, appearing in 'The Chaebol's Youngest Son'... Breathing with Song Joong-ki

Actress Park Ji-hyun, appearing in ‘The Chaebol’s Youngest Son’… Breathing with Song Joong-ki

On the 9th, Park Ji-hyun’s agency, Namoo Actors, announced that Park Ji-hyun’s appearance in JTBC’s new drama ‘The Chaebol’s Youngest Son’ (played by Kim Tae-hee / directed by Jeong Dae-yoon) was confirmed.

‘The Chaebol’s Youngest Son’ is a fantasy regression drama in which Yoon Hyeon-woo (Song Joong-ki), a secretary who manages the owner’s risk of the chaebol’s family, returns to the youngest son of a chaebol family, Jin Do-joon, and lives for the second time in his life.

In drama where popular actors such as Song Joong-ki, Lee Seong-min, and Shin Hyun-bin, are gathering expectations and are gathering expectations. The drama is based on a web novel of the same name.

Park Ji-hyun takes on the role of Mo Hyun-min, the eldest daughter of the Hansung Ilbo owner. She always acts confidently because without no lack of academic background, beauty, and family. However, when she meets Jin Do-jun on the spot where she goes to meet Jin Seong-joon, her partner in arranged marriage, an unexpected change occurs.

Dramas ‘Rookie Historian Goo Hae-ryeong’, ‘Do you like Brahms?’ Park Ji-hyun, who drew the character’s narrative with deep and delicate acting skills in the back, is paying great attention to the new acting transformation to be shown in ‘The Chaebol’s Youngest Son’. In particular, the curiosity of how she will portray the life of Mo Hyun-min, who was perfect without shortcomings, changes little by little when she meets Jin Do-joon is amplifying.

Actor Park Ji-hyun, who will continue her unstoppable journey until the first half of next year, is confirmed to appear in ‘The Chaebol’s Youngest Son House’ while her role in the second half of this year as Seo Sae-yi in ‘Yumi’s Cells‘, which will be released simultaneously on TVing and tvN on the 17th, is expected.

‘The Chaebol’s Youngest Son’ is written by Kim Tae-hee of ’60 Days, Designated Survivor’, ‘A Beautiful Mind’ and ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’, and directed by Jung Dae-yoon of ‘W’, ‘She Was Pretty’ and ‘Not a Robot’. It is scheduled to air in 2022.

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