A great sense of immersion in psychological warfare 'High Class'

A great sense of immersion in psychological warfare ‘High Class’

On the afternoon of the 6th, tvN’s new Monday-Tuesday drama ‘High Class’ production presentation was broadcast live online. The event was attended by actors Jo Yeo-jeong, Kim Ji-soo, Ha Jun, Park Se-jin, Gong Hyeon-joo, and director Choi Byung-gil.

Director Choi Byung-gil

Director Choi Byung-gil said, “It’s a story about women finding their true happiness while showing the lives of lonely and lonely women in the colorful wrapping paper.”

Director Choi, who revealed that the title he originally thought was ‘Abitus’ rather than ‘High Class’, said, “The concept that the environment makes one’s customs. Unlike the stories that encourage competition for entrance exams, I wanted to capture the desire of those who want to protect the fence by making their own fence.”

Director Choi then emphasized, “Not only the main actors, but also many children aged 7 to 10 years old. Their acting is also better than any other actors.”

Jo Yeo-jeong takes on the role of Song Yeo-wool

Jo Yeo-jeong takes on the role of Song Yeo-wool, a former lawyer who lost everything overnight after being accused of her husband’s murder. Jo Yeo-jeong said, “I was moved by the script without a woman who was not sorry. A lot of big things happen, but I solve them on a daily basis. That seems to be what sets me apart from other dramas.”

This is the first tvN drama in 10 years since ‘I Need Romance’. She said, “I didn’t know it was 10 years ago. I’m back after a long time, so I think I’ll give it more love.” “I’ve been working non-stop for several years. I think it’s because I’m receiving good scripts.,” she said. Regarding her radical transformation with a short cut, Jo Yeo-jeong said, “I had a vague image of Song Yeo-wool, which I only thought about in my head, but when the stylist asked me if I could do a short cut, it was what I thought of Song Yeo-yul. I wanted to do it,” she said.

Kim Ji-soo takes on the role of Nam Ji-seon

Kim Ji-soo takes on the role of Nam Ji-seon, a golden spoon that controls public opinion at international schools. Kim Ji-soo explained, “She is a villain. She is a woman who has everything, but inside is an empty and empty shell. When you get to know her, she is a woman who has nothing to envy. I feel sorry for that.”

Ha-jun plays Danny Oh, a former Canadian ice hockey player and an international school teacher. Hajun said, “I had a witty side that I had never shown before. I thought that there were such mischievous side of me too, and the script was interesting.”

Ha-jun said he received hockey training for the character. He said, “I trained for about three months. The most difficult thing was to strengthen the basics. Standing while running was harder than I thought. I practiced while falling a lot. Now I don’t fall,” he laughed.

Ha-jun plays Danny Oh

Park Se-jin takes on the role of Hwang Na-yoon, the only assistant to Song Yeo-wool, who becomes a loner among international school mothers.

Park Se-jin said, “The script was so much fun. I wanted to participate because I also wanted to participate in an interesting work.” Park Se-jin is currently 26 years old, so was there any difficulty in acting maternally? In response, Park Se-jin said, “I was very happy to be cast, but after that, I thought that I wouldn’t be able to do it every day. I didn’t know what maternal love was at all. Originally, I didn’t share the contents of my work with my family, but this time I told my mother the content and the situation. She gave me advice,” she said.

About the strength of ‘High Class’, Park Se-jin said, “Each character doesn’t know the psychology of that person at the moment of acting, but viewers can fully see the different feelings of each character, so I think such psychological warfare will give you a great sense of immersion.”

Gong Hyeon-joo takes on the role of Cha Do-yeong

Gong Hyeon-joo takes on the role of Cha Do-yeong, a former top actor who is the crystallization of candid vanity and selfishness. Gong Hyeon-joo said, “Because it is visually gorgeous, it was an attractive role that anyone wants to try at least once. I was greedy because there were many parts that I could relate to in real life as they are in the same age group.”

When asked about the charm of Cha Do-young’s character, Gong Hyeon-joo said, “It captivates the eyes and ears with its unpredictable appearance, actions, and lines. It is a role that adds to the fun of the play, so it was pleasantly filmed in any situation.”

Gong Hyeon-joo expressed her gratitude for Jo Yeo-jeong, saying, “Senior guided me so well on set that it was difficult to get any more compliments. I learned a lot and was moved while acting together.”

'High Class' will premiere on the 6th at 10:30 PM

‘High Class’ will premiere on the 6th at 10:30 PM.

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