'20th Anniversary of Debut' Gong Yoo "Appearing on YouTube? We are filming according to the flow of consciousness"

’20th Anniversary of Debut’ Gong Yoo “Appearing on YouTube? We are filming according to the flow of consciousness”

Actor Gong Yoo expressed his feelings on the 20th anniversary of his debut.

Fashion magazine Marie Claire released the pictorial of Gong Yoo, who decorated the October cover, on the 16th.

Actor Gong Yoo, who celebrated the 20th anniversary of his debut this year, said in an interview after filming, “The power that leads me as an actor is changing after I’m in my 20s and 30s.”

He said, “In the past, I was worried about what my role would look like and how I should act, but now that concern has been reversed. I am more concerned about whether to influence and transmit energy.”

He continued, “When choosing a work, I used to only see my character, but now I am more interested in what kind of story the producers want to tell through this work and what topics they want to raise.”

Actor Gong Yoo (Photo=Marie Claire)

Regarding the YouTube video ‘Gong SEA Drifting‘, which has recently become a hot topic after appearing in person, he said, “Without planning, composition, or script, I just turn on the camera in the morning and shoot according to the flow of consciousness. I want to show myself as I am.” He also talked about his desire to communicate with fans through his appearance.

Actor Gong Yoo (Photo=Marie Claire)

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