1% Viewership Heyday? KDrama Rating Report Is Truly 'Disgusting'

1% Viewership Heyday? KDrama Rating Report Is Truly ‘Disgusting’

The recent home theater score report is truly ‘disgusting’. These days, when it comes to getting good grades even if it’s only about 5%, dramas with an audience rating of 1% Viewership are common. In particular, terrestrial dramas as well as full-length and cable dramas have a record of 1%, making it even more pitiful.

The first episode of MBC’s ‘Check out the Event’, which was first broadcast on the 14th, recorded a rating of 1.0%. This is an overwhelmingly low figure compared to KBS2’s ‘Mr. House Husband Season 2’, which aired at the same time, 6.7%, and SBS’s ‘Loud’, with 4.3%. The emotional trip melodrama ‘Check out the Event’, which unfolds as the ex-lover participates in the couple’s trip won as an event, is based on the fact that it is composed of a four-part series, with the cast of slightly less well-known actors such as Bang Min-ah and Kwon Hwa-woon, and organized once a week. The high ratings were not expected.

However, since the previous four-part drama ‘Here’s My Plan’ had an audience rating of 2% in the previous episode, it is a more disappointing figure.

Still cuts from 'You Are My Spring' (above), 'The Road: Tragedy of One'
Still cuts from ‘You Are My Spring’ (above), ‘The Road: Tragedy of One’. Source: tvN

‘You Are My Spring’, which drew attention with the meeting of Seo Hyun-jin and Kim Dong-wook of ‘Roco Artisan’ and ‘Undefeated’ titles, built a fresh and unique development by adding mystery to the healing romance, but failed to gain viewers’ sympathy. Some viewers also responded that it was difficult to concentrate because they could not grasp the identity between romance and mystery.

‘The Road: The Tragedy of One, which aired for the first time on the 4th, started with 3.4% and dropped to the 1% level after 5 episodes. ‘The Road: The Tragedy of One’ is a mystery drama depicting a story in which a horrific incident takes place on a night when it rains, and secrets tangled like a thread lead to another tragedy. Actors such as Ji Jin-hee, Yoon Se-ah, Kim Hye-eun and Ahn Nae-sang showed up and gathered expectations, but likes and dislikes were divided over the heavy and dark atmosphere. It aroused interest to viewers who like mystery thrillers that track the truth, but the feast of stimulating materials, unkind development, and a series of reversals aroused fatigue in viewers who wanted to watch lightly.

JTBC’s Special ‘Nevertheless’ recorded the 1% range from the 2nd episode, and dropped to 0.9% in the 8th episode, experiencing the humiliation of a devastating defeat. The casting of young stars such as Song Kang and Han So-hee and the subject of a 19-gold shock romance also did not work.

Of course, as the platform market expands, audience ratings alone cannot determine the success of a work, but it is a pity that dramas with ratings of 1% are overflowing. In this regard, attention is focused on whether a new drama that will catch the eyes of viewers in the downturn of the small screen can be born.

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